— Our Education Programs —

No child should be deliberately or otherwise deprived of the right to qualitative Education: LEAH Foundation has designed a goals oriented Education intervention Strategy standing on a solid tripod named; LEAH READING CLUB and the ADOPT-A-CHILD INITIATIVE.


The Reading Camp as organized by the LEAH Foundation is tailored towards reviving the dying culture of reading by exposing participants to reading sessions, pronunciation skills and also writing skills.

Participants are drawn from junior classes in public primary schools across the state. One of the highlights of the camp activities is drama. This is also to hone their creativity and talent. The camp is a prelude to the setting up of Reading Clubs in Secondary Schools. Participants thus become ambassadors of the reading project and propagate its ideals to their peers in school and encourage them to come together as a society.


A sizable number of Parents cannot afford the needed Stationery, Uniforms and Other Essential materials necessary for Academic work, while some of the children are orphans without parents nor guardians to cater for their basic needs.

The Adopt a Child initiative is aimed at providing these needs to support and encourage parents/guardians to enroll their children in schools. The initiative also encourages public spirited individuals and organizations across the globe, to adopt indigent children for educational sponsorship.

Some of the materials you can donate for the “Adopt-A-Child” initiative include: School Uniforms, Bags, Sandals, Socks, and Stationery.

We also have various opportunities for you if you would like to spend some of your time volunteering and gaining life affirming experiences from these initiatives and programs. Please click HERE