— The Founder’s Note —


The world today is faced with various challenges that continue to threaten its very existence including economic meltdown, conflicts and environmental degradation among several others. As a developing nation, this seethes deeper and devolves into extreme poverty, dwindling resources, health and general instability.

No matter the status of the country, where it is located or what the issues are, there is no doubt that children and women are the most vulnerable in the final analysis. Across the globe, you find all sorts – abandoned children, the sexually harassed, orphans; and women that have been battered by obnoxious and outdated cultures. Much of the pressure on our society today is a product of these infuriated groups in an expression of their feeling of betrayal, giving back to the society what the society gave to them.

It is time for all of us to sincerely collaborate to plant new seeds of care and kindness, most especially in these forlorn groups. Some day the harvest will be different, we’ll have frustration replaced with hope and the seed of hatred will go into extinction; the paradise we ever hoped for will be handed over to us.

Join LEAH Foundation by identifying with its projects that cater for the family from the multidimensional viewpoint of working; to reduce infant and maternal mortality rates, education support and improve the general standard of the living of the people among so many others.

It can be done… Yes! Starting from You and I; we can create a better society and world.