— Our Social Welfare Program —

LEAH Foundation, as the name implies believes that a Life Empowered Anchors Hope.

Subsequently, the Foundation works tirelessly to ensure that the people of Kwara State are adequately empowered through series of Human capital development initiatives, provision of tools of trade and revolving loan schemes.

LEAH Foundation continues to contribute meaningfully to the fight against poverty by designing a multi-pronged tripartite approach through its Social and Economic Empowerment Program.

The Youth, Women and Widows together constitute majority of the poor population in Nigeria. Helping the poor live better is a defining issue for LEAH Foundation. This driving force helps position the Foundation to achieve sustainable development and economic growth, alleviate poverty, and enhance the standard of living and quality of life of many people.

We also have opportunities for you, if you would like to spend some of your time volunteering on our Social Welfare program and gaining lifetime experiences from this initiative. Please click HERE